Saginaw UMC


Third Grade Bibles

Congratulations to all those going into the third grade! One of our favorite Methodist traditions is the milestone of third graders presented with their own Bible! This marks a new and exciting step on their faith journey. It is our job, as a church, to emphasize the importance of God’s Holy Word in their lives, and to show children that the Bible is the book of God’s great love for us and that we should use the Bible to guide us, comfort us and challenge us all our lives. 


Saginaw UMC will mark this special occasion by presenting Bibles to our new third graders on Sunday, September 12 at the 11 am worship service. Please make every effort to be in attendance. Friends and family are most welcome. Plan to sit with your child in the front middle section of pews. We also ask that you arrive at least 10 minutes before the service begins so I may walk through the logistics of the presentation with your child.


Please register your child for a Bible here:

This online registration form will help us prepare for the presentation and ensure the exact spelling of your child’s name. Thank you.