Saginaw UMC


Saginaw Summer Camp

It isn't quite time for us to have our normal kid rallying Vacation Bible School this year, so we are making VBS family style! Church family that is. The entire church is invited to join together as a congregation and enjoy some fun time together.

Now, while we are calling it VBS, really this is just an opportunity for everyone to join together after such a long time apart. Whether you have longed to be with other people in person or longed to be with other people you do not live with, this is for you. Young, young at heart, old, or old at heart. You can even just come to have dinner and enjoy watching everyone be together if you are not physically able to rotate among the stations.

This year we have a camping theme. Our nightly schedule includes beginning with dinner, provided by one of our wonderful ministry groups. There will be a photo op area in Fellowship Hall which you may have your photo taken with your family, Sunday School group, friends, or whomever you wish to be photographed with. Then we will move on to the sanctuary for prayer, song, and Mission Minute. Each night we will be focusing on a different ministry within the church to share how wonderful our groups are. After that families will rotate between 3 stations of Crafts, Games, and Music & Movement. At the end of the night, we will all gather back together for more songs, fun, and our closing prayer.

As always, there will be a picture station and we will be hosting a collection. This year our collection will benefit our Youth Mission Trip. we have a nice, big group traveling to Corpus Christi from June 27th - July 2nd. We would like to send them off with snacks for the 9-hour drive there, some for during their hard labor, and again for the 9-hour drive home. Some snacks the group has let us know they enjoy are Reese's, Lay's Sour Cream and Onion chips, Goldfish, Doritos, M&Ms, gummy worms, Gushers, gummy bears, plain potato chips, Taki's, and Oreos. Any other snacks or bottles of water would be appreciated as well. There will be a snack cart in Fellowship Hall beginning this Sunday for those who would like to start contributing early. We will have a spot designated, as always, during the week of camp.

You are welcome to come all 4 nights, just a couple of nights or even 1 night. All we ask is that you register by June 1st so we know how much food to make and how many crafts to have ready! Registration forms are in the office, Fellowship Hall, and at each entry to the Sanctuary.

You can also register through our google form online here.

We will be offering nursery services for children 2 years and younger. Please let us know when you register if you plan on utilizing the nursery so we know how many little ones to expect and can staff appropriately.


Sunday: Provided by The Sisterhood - "That's Amore Methodist Style!

Spaghetti, salad, bread sticks, and pudding cups with whip cream.

Monday: Provided by United Methodist Men - Methodist Men's Smokin' Patty Night

Hamburgers, chips, beans, and cookies

Tuesday: Provided by Samaritan Sunday School - An All Methodist Family Picnic

Choice of Turkey or Beef Hot Dogs, chips, tater tots, and Rice Krispie treats

Wednesday: Provided by Stephen Ministry - Jetting Out to a Methodist Summer

Jet's Pizza (Cheese, Pepperoni, and Veggie), salad, and cookies

For questions, please contact Charity in the office at or call 817-232-0390