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Dec 24, 2020

Online Christmas Eve Worship

On December 24th, starting at noon, we will publish our Christmas Eve worship service on Facebook and on Vimeo. We will send out a link directly to the video when we have it. This will provide you an opportunity to worship with us at a time that best fits your schedule. We will again premier the worship service at 7pm on Facebook. This will be a time for all who can to gather and worship together, much as we currently do on Sunday mornings.

For many of us, Christmas Eve service is one of the most meaningful services of the year. So to capture that, we have prepared a service that will feature all of your favorite Christmas music as well as several special music offerings. If nothing else, we hope you worship with us because the music will be something you won’t want to miss. The other part of Christmas Eve worship that makes it so special is the candle lighting. Obviously, we won’t be able to do that in person, but we want to give you a way to do it at home. So on December 23rd, from 11:30-1pm, the staff will be in front of the Sanctuary handing out candles (for the adults) and glow sticks (for the kids) so that when we light our candles in the sanctuary, you can light them with us at home.

Join us as we worship and celebrate the birth of our savior into our world once again.

Event Details

Day: Thursday
Time: 12:00pm
Childcare: No