Saginaw UMC


Holy Focus

The congregation of Saginaw UMC has adopted the following goals as our five-year areas of focus for mission and ministry. We call these our Holy Focus Goals for Following Jesus. It is our hope and dream that these goals will be realized through the power of God’s Holy Spirit moving among us.

Snack Packs

We envision meeting the needs of food-insecure children through a program to supply weekend backpacks filled with nutritious food. Why? Because we know that many families rely on school lunches to feed their children, who go hungry on the weekend. We believe we can help bridge the gap and show God’s love.

*This goal was implemented in the summer of 2017 and is now known as our Go Snacks ministry.

Small Groups

We envision the creation of small groups that expand the opportunities for faith formation beyond the current adult Sunday school setting. Why? Because we believe that being in community is essential to growing as disciples of Christ.

Local Mission Teams

We envision the development of teams to assist those in need in our community with home maintenance projects. From lawn mowing to repair work, these teams could provide a helping hand to those unable to complete the work themselves. Why? Because we believe in being the hands and feet of Christ.

Utility Security

We envision expanding our current practice of Helping Hands Utility Assistance by partnering with the City of Saginaw to identify those residents about to have their water turned off and provide financial assistance to those homes. Why? Because we believe that water is a human right and not a luxury for those who can afford it.

New Worship Opportunity

We envision the creation of an additional worship service on Sunday morning which will offer an opportunity to worship God through music and liturgy distinct from our current traditional services. Why? Because we believe that in worship we experience the transforming presence of God, and an additional worship opportunity will allow more people to experience God’s presence and hear the good news of Jesus Christ.

*This goal was implemented at the start of 2018 and is now known as our Simply Worship Service.

Resource Bridge

We envision the development of a database of local community services that would provide valuable information for those searching for assistance and resources. Why? Because there is a lack of communication about agencies and resources in Saginaw and Northwest Fort Worth, and we are people called to share good news, including good news about where to find help.

*A taskforce for this goal continues to study and plan for implementation.