Saginaw UMC


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Sarah Boyette

Office Manager
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What I do: I’m the office manager. That means that I answer phones, check email, organize office supplies, and try to help with any of the church’s administrative needs.

What I love about what I do: I am in seminary to be a pastor. I have a background in church communications and education, and I love being able to bring all the pieces of my life together to serve God and God’s church. I also love working behind the scenes to make church systems run more efficiently.

My dream for SUMC: My dream for SUMC is that we would be able to work together to develop coherent systems for communication both inside and outside the church.

Brag about my family: My husband Adam is a structural engineer and a Cub Scout leader extraordinaire. I have two genius kids, Claire and Paul, who share Adam and my love of reading and curiosity about the world.

Favorite Scripture: Psalm 46:10 Be still and know that I am God.

Currently listening to: People. I am passionate about listening to people’s stories and helping them recognize God in their lives.

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